Data Domain ApplianceThe Data Domain Appliance Series delivers the highest throughput and scalability of any deduplication storage system in the industry and was designed to be seamlessly and cost-effectively integrated into existing infrastructures.

Unlike other disk-based backup products that serve as front-ends to a tape library infrastructure, the Appliance Series provides cost-effective long-term onsite retention and highly efficient network-based data replication for disaster recovery (DR), remote office protection and tape consolidation.

Appliance Series Datasheet

Key features include:

  • Massive Data Reduction: Driven by Data Domain’s fast, inline deduplication and compression technology, Global Compression, the Appliance Series offers an average 20x data reduction for backup images, enabling cost-efficient, long-term retention.
  • Fully Compatible with All Leading Enterprise Backup and Archiving Software: The Appliance Series is designed to easily integrate into the existing backup infrastructure — either as a file server or virtual tape library (VTL) — supporting all leading enterprise backup and archiving software.
  • High Throughput and Extended Retention: The Appliance Series delivers up to 800 GB/hr of throughput (exceeding LTO-4 performance) and offers up to 1.25 PB of logical capacity, allowing months of online backup image retention and ensuring fast, reliable data restores from disk.
  • Local and Remote Site Data Protection: Data Domain Replicator software enables Data Domain deduplication storage systems to function as a highly efficient WAN vaulting solution for DR, remote office data protection and multi-site tape consolidation.
  • Advanced Data Integrity: Data Domain’s Data Invulnerability Architecture provides the best defense against data integrity issues with continuous fault detection and healing, and end-to-end verification of data recoverability at time of backup.

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