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Affordable Entry Point to PS Series for Remote Office and Small Business

Dell EqualLogic PS4000E

Dell EqualLogic PS4000E virtualized iSCSI arrays bring enterprise-class features, intelligence, automation and reliability to remote offices, departmental, and small business storage deployments.

Dell EqualLogic PS4000E arrays address branch office and small company needs with simple administration, rapid deployment and affordable pricing — while providing enterprise-class data protection and management, solid performance, and scalability.

Each Dell EqualLogic PS4000E array holds up to 16 SATA disk drives — an outstanding capacity value for entry into midrange enterprise storage. If you need to expand capacity and performance you can combine two Dell EqualLogic PS4000 arrays in a SAN group. In addition you can add Dell EqualLogic PS6000 arrays without sacrificing your initial Dell EqualLogic PS4000 investment.

All Dell EqualLogic PS Series storage arrays include SAN configuration features and capabilities that sense network connections, automatically build RAID sets, and conduct system health checks. You can install, configure, and have your Dell EqualLogic PS4000E fully operational in less than an hour.

Dell EqualLogic’s SAN HeadQuarters software improve enterprise-wide storage management. It provides centralized performance and event monitoring of Dell EqualLogic SANs across multiple sites — for instance PS4000s at branch offices and PS6000 arrays in corporate data centers.

Product Configurations

Storage Controllers

    Base Model:

  • Single controller with 2GB1 battery-backed cache memory, only available with 250GB1 disk drive options
    High-Availability Model:

  • Dual controllers with a total of 4GB1 battery-backed cache memory
    Battery-backed cache provides up to 72 hours of data protection
    Hard Disk Drives

  • Eight (8) or sixteen (16) SATA hot-pluggable hard disk drives
    Drive Capacities

  • 7,200 RPM SATA II drives available in 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, or 1TB
    System Capacities

  • 2TB1 using eight (8) 250GB1 SATA disk drives
  • 4TB1 using sixteen (16) 250GB1 SATA disk drives
  • 8TB1 using sixteen (16) 500GB1 SATA disk drives
  • 16TB1 using sixteen (16) 1TB1 SATA disk drives
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