Dell PowerEdge 1900 Tower ServerThe Dell PowerEdge 1900 server running the Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5300 series processors have up to 63% better performance than the PowerEdge 1900 server using Intel Xeon dual-core processors.  A 1333MHz FSB can facilitate better speed. 64-bit memory addressability provides scalability for large memory footprint applications when used with a 64-bit operating system.

The PowerEdge 1900 offers up to 16GB of fully-buffered DIMM memory. To keep pace with the new dual-core processors, Fully Buffered DIMM (FBD) memory is included to allow simultaneous reads and writes. It can provide up to 3x the theoretical throughput of DDR-2 memory. Additionally, auto-retries provide uninterrupted operations during transient memory errors.

Up to 16GB2 Fully Buffered SDRAM and maximum of two Intel Xeon processors.

  • X5365, (Quad-Core) 3.00GHz/1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
  • X5355,(Quad-Core) 2.66GHz/1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
  • E5345,(Quad-Core) 2.33GHz/1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
  • E5335,(Quad-Core) 2.00GHz/1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
  • E5310,(Quad-Core) 1.60GHz/1066MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
  • 5160,(Dual-Core) 3.0GHz/1333MHz FSB 4MB cache
  • 5150,(Dual-Core) 2.66GHz/1333MHz FSB 4MB cache
  • 5130,(Dual-Core) 2.0GHz/1333MHz FSB 4MB cache
  • 5110,(Dual-Core) 1.60GHz/1066MHz FSB 4MB cache

Hard Drives
Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) hard drives deliver the next generation of SCSI performance and are designed to deliver faster speed than SATA. SATA is the better choice for businesses that need affordable, large capacity drives.

PowerEdge 1900 Spec Sheet

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