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The Dell PowerEdge M605 blade server, featuring the latest Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors, removes complexity to help your servers run better, use space smarter, and cost less over time. Dell PowerEdge blades address datacenter server sprawl and complexity by delivering one of the most energy efficient, flexible, and manageable blade servers on the market.

Streamlined Virtualization
Dell’s most energy efficient Blade solution, the PowerEdge M605 offers outstanding virtualization performance in a 2-socket blade server combined with factory integrated virtualization capabilities. Dell continues to simplify virtualization by streamlining virtualization deployment and providing ease of use in virtual infrastructures. By factory integrating VMware ESXi 3.5, customers receive VMware capabilities and migration of virtual machines within a few clicks of a mouse.

Virtualization-ready server configurations provide an easy path to virtualization through factory-integrated hypervisors and recommended hardware configurations that support an ideal virtual infrastructure.

Up to 2 Quad-Core AMD Opteron 2300 Series Processors or Dual-Core AMD Opteron 2000 Series Processors. Support for up to 32GB1 (w/ 8 x 4GB DIMMs) and 64GB support with 8GB DIMMs.

Internal Storage up to up to 300GB2 with two 146GB2 hot-plug SAS (10k rpm). Two Optional PCIe x8 Mezzanine Card slots. Raid Controllers SAS6/IR (Raid 0/1) hardware based and CERC6/IR (Raid 0/1 w/ Cache).

Energy Efficiency That Can’t Be Beat
Designed for energy efficiency and density, blade servers address the growing power and space constraints of your data center. The M605 blade server is one of the most energy efficient blade products on the market, and has a 60% greater density than traditional 1U servers.

Easy Expandability and Manageability
With blade servers expanding your data center has never been easier. Once you have installed a blade enclosure, adding an additional server is as simple as sliding in a new blade and powering it up. Coupled with the Altiris Deployment Solution for Dell servers, and Dell OpenManage Systems Management tools, Dell blades are one of the easiest to deploy and manage in the industry.

Optimized Solution
The M605 blade server is paired with the M1000e modular blade enclosure for an optimized blade solution. The M1000e is designed from the ground up to combat IT complexity to deliver levels of energy efficiency and flexibility that HP and IBM can’t beat. Designed to support future generations of Dell blade servers and technologies, your M1000e investment is protected for the future.

PowerEdge Blades Spec Sheet

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