Hitachi Virtual Partition Manager software enables the logical partitioning of ports, cache and disk (parity groups) into Private Virtual Storage Machines on the Hitachi Universal Storage Platform. Partitions allocate separate, dedicated, secure storage resources for specific users (departments, servers, applications, etc.). Administrators can be provided access to control resources and execute business continuity software within their assigned partitions, secured from affecting any other partitions. Partitions can be dynamically modified to meet quality of service requirements. Overall system priorities, disk space, and tiers of storage can be optimized for application QoS based on changing business needs.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Virtual Partition Manager allows administrators to create Private Virtual Storage Machines to allocate shared resource to multiple business entities
  • Provides a departmental view of storage
  • Allows centralized or decentralized control
  • Allows chargeback, utility-like operations
  • Secure network only to assigned partitions
  • Efficient use of storage resources
  • Dedicated resources for specific applications or departments
  • Optimize performance
  • Meet QoS targets
  • Adjust dynamically based on business requirements

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