Gartner, Inc. recently highlighted the top 10 technologies and trends that they feel will be strategic for most organizations in 2012. Things like in-memory computing, next-generation analytics and app stores are all extremely relevant, but at Mosaic, we think that cloud computing is the real forerunner here.

Interestingly enough, many companies have still not made the move to the cloud. In a 2009 survey of IT and business executives, many expressed concern about moving to the cloud, citing security, availability and performance as some of their main reasons. The facts, according to Gartner, show that the cloud is a disruptive force and has the potential for broad long-term impact in most industries.

We believe that while the cloud offers a lot of business opportunities, what will happen first is the move to the private cloud otherwise known as virtualization. Throughout 2011, we talked a lot about the benefits of migrating to a virtual environment. There are also a number of Mosaic customers that were willing to provide a behind-the-scenes look at what virtualization did for their business. All that said – while cloud computing is what every marketing person wants to discuss, it is virtualization that many businesses are seriously considering in 2012.

Many of the concerns raised in the past are dually address with the product advancements from 2011. Below we’ve outline five important developments that we think should put your fears at ease.

Improved Security – The information that you store in your datacenter is incredibly important.  Storing this data locally can allow for many mishaps like hard drive crashes that could make you lose everything. When you store this information in the cloud, there is a whole foundation behind it consisting of data backups, servers, and administrators that are making sure the data is protected at all times.

Faster SpeedsWhen you’re working in the cloud – you’re operating on network speeds, which by nature are faster than the speeds you’d experience in a connected environment.

Superior StorageMost organizations are managing Terabytes of unstructured data and also have to protect it. Storage cloud providers can do this for you. Almost 80 percent of your unstructured data makes up the majority of your storage problems. By archiving it to the cloud, you’ll never have to back it up again – and the cloud now becomes responsible for the availability of the data.

Lower CostsMoving to the cloud is going to save you money – guaranteed. Cloud computing allows you to do the same amount of work with fewer machines. This means reducing your organization’s need for hardware and software going forward, as well as the ability to cut down on the amount of manual labor needed. Cloud services are also monitored and controlled by the cloud service provider – and organizations are only billed for what they use.  

Ability for a Mobile WorkforceThe cloud is a great resource for mobile workforces. Even if a company is unable to virtualize, they can still put a lot of their services out into the cloud. Information is made available by a secure weblink, which in turn gives you the ability to reach out to mobile workers, a non-traditional practice, because these services are abailable from everywhere.

When making the decision to switch to a virtual architecture, consider all of the items listed above but at the same time, make sure you’re making the best decision for your organization. Be sure you understand the value of your applications and data and what moving to a virtual environment would mean for them. Also be sure to determine your requirements in order to find a solution provider that can deliver them while keeping the risks down. And above all, consider the cost of moving to a virtual architecture compared to your existing costs.

At Mosaic, understanding your requirements, challenges, and technology goals is the foundation of our customer-focused approach. Our sales and technical staff are at the ready to work with you through a collaborative process consisting of accessing your environment, analyzing your hardware, software and services to meet your needs, using industry best practices to design a plan, implementing and executing on it. Interested? Contact a Mosaic representative today – we’re ready and waiting to begin the process.