At Mosaic, we know that no two customers are the same. We also realize that finding customers the right product and plan is just as important as the right partner. By having a number of different partners, Mosaic is able to possess a wide array of tools in our tool box to better serve our customers. The options that we can provide customers seem endless. Mosaic is 100 percent committed to evaluating our customer’s needs and finding the right solution for them. That said, read on and learn about some of our newest partners to see if they have what you’re looking for.

Veeam was founded in 2006 by a group that was previously behind Aelita Software. They have a solution that is specifically designed for virtual machines. They develop innovative products for virtual infrastructure management and data protection – and they are very good at what they do. Two or three years ago, there was really no differentiator between Veeam and some of the other competitors. However, over the last year or two, they have really stepped up their game and now offer some very tight integrated partnerships – they have tailored their functionality and feature set to integrate closely with VMWare.

One of Veeam’s most noteworthy features is that once a virtual machine has been backed up to a windows file share, the end user can start that virtual machine up while still on the backup target and verify that it was working properly in the first place.  More importantly, in the event of a disaster, the end user can start the backup copy and use Storage vMotion to move it from the backup target back onto a production datastore – making your downtime a matter of minutes instead of hours. This way, not only are you protected, but you’re up and running again almost immediately.

With this versatility, Veeam has the one of the best backup products available for virtual infrastructures. It can replicate to a remote site to protect your virtual machines when storage- or host-based replication is not an available option. There are several other features built into their solution, and we will be glad to meet to discuss the overall solution with you.

NimbleStorage is another one of Mosaic’s most recent partners, and they have been taking the storage market by storm over the past six months. Nimble development team took a new approach to storage technology, combining the performance benefits of Solid State drive technology with the commodity storage of SATA disks, and putting their own spin on the ‘hybrid storage array’ concept.   By not only marrying the two drive technologies, but also changing the way that data is written on those drives and accessed, they are creating a strong performer in the iSCSI storage market.

As it pulls all of the incoming data, it stores it on those solid state drives at a very high performance point.  The data is then rewritten to the SATA drives, compressed, reorganized and optimized, thereby creating a better storage compression ratio. Storing data on a solid state drives makes the process that much faster and also allows for exceptional performance for SAN writes.  By reorganizing the data headed to the SATA side of the array, it increases read performance by creating order out of the disorder of unstructured data.  Compression algorithms allow for higher ‘usable’ space.  In some cases, a 5TB Nimble array can hold up to 9TB of capacity, reducing the price per terabyte with Nimble.

Though NimbleStorage is a fairly new player, it is quickly becoming an up and comer – and one that customers are definitely keeping their eye on.

To learn more about both of these partners, and to learn how to evolve your virtualized data center, join us September 19th at the Saltwater Grille in South Portland, Maine. Mosaic experts, along with Veeam and NimbleStorage experts, will be on hand to discuss best practices and the latest solutions. Can’t make it? Contact a Mosaic representative to learn more today.