Salem, NH, September 21, 2011 – Mosaic Technology, a leading expert in virtualization and data storage technology, today announced the availability of the new Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays that are designed to provide up to 60 percent performance improvement on typical workloads over previous generation arrays in a smaller physical footprint. Additionally, Mosaic is now offering the latest EqualLogic firmware version 5.1, which includes thin provisioning awareness for VMware vSphere to help users save valuable recovery time and help mitigate the risk of potential data loss.

Mosaic Technology is a trusted advisor to enterprises throughout the U.S., deploying end-to-end solutions that solve virtual desktop infrastructure, storage and disaster recovery challenges. Mosaic is dedicated to building its solutions with best-of-breed products, allowing customers to stay up to date with the offerings from some of the biggest names in the industry. Mosaic’s newest additions to its EqualLogic storage arrays portfolio enables Mosaic customers to dramatically increase the storage capacity in their datacenter without a “rip and replace” upgrade cycle. The EqualLogic PS Series arrays work together to automatically manage data, load balance across all resources, and now harness 2.5-inch drive support.   

“Mosaic is one of the largest providers of virtualization solutions to organizations across the United States. For the last 15 years, our customers have trusted us to deliver solutions that enable them to get the most from their IT solutions,” said Tom Desmet, President and CEO of Mosaic Technology. “The new Dell storage arrays and tighter integration with VMware demonstrates why we have a long term relationship with Dell. They understand the need for customers to grow their datacenters without replacing their existing infrastructure.”

EqualLogic PS4100 Series — ideal for small-to-medium businesses or remote office locations with growing storage needs. The storage area networks, supporting up to 36TB in a single array and 72TB in a single group, can scale as storage demands increase by seamlessly adding additional PS4100 or PS6100 arrays into an EqualLogic group.

EqualLogic PS6100 Series — designed to provide mid-sized customers with a scalable storage environment, up to 72TB in a single array and 1.2PB in a single group, that can easily accommodate both high-performance and high-capacity drive options. The PS6100 family is ideal for customers looking for a storage solution to support the storage demands of a highly virtualized data center environment where the seamless movement and protection of virtual machines, applications and data is crucial.

Additionally, Mosaic is now offering customers the EqualLogic firmware version 5.1. Version 5.1 provides increased support for VMware. This firmware includes thin provisioning awareness for VMware vSphere to help users save valuable recovery time and help mitigate the risk of potential data loss.

This new line enables Mosaic to continue to keep pace with advanced technology creating end-to-end solutions for its customers that integrate superior technology from partners like Dell EqualLogic to meet today’s real world challenges. These new storage arrays allow for maximum performance, connectivity, and capacity. They also help improve productivity and assist customers in more efficiently managing their business information in virtualized data centers.