Customers are always looking to Mosaic experts for tips and tricks on how to effectively manage their cloud and virtual environments. Implementing is the easy part – and only the first step. Being able to successfully manage ongoing operations within virtual environments is the most important part.

VMware vCenter Operations Manager, also known as vCOPS, is an automated operations management solution that provides integrated performance, capacity, and configuration management for highly virtualized cloud infrastructure. We’ve outlined three reasons why this solution could benefit your environment.

1. vCenter Operations Manager provides a visual dashboard that shows you whether or not all of your machines are running correctly. Within this dashboard, machines are color -coded in green, yellow, or red depending on how well they are performing.  vCOPS is a simple, easy-to understand representation of your entire virtual environment that allows you to recognize malfunctions within the machinery early-on and nip them in the bud.   

Additionally, all of the different components of your virtual environment are monitored and presented in the dashboard. These components include things like storage capabilities and memory capacity.  Based on the virtual environment’s current growth rate, this internal planning feature gives users the ability to project when the next changes should be made and when additional storage or memory will need to be added to the system.

These are just some of the unique and interesting value -adds that vCOPS offers customers.

2. The Chargeback Manager, which used to be a standalone feature, now allows users to place a value on a particular assessment so it can then show how much that assessment is actually costing them. Using this feature is a great way to ensure that you’re sticking within confines of your IT budget -something we all know is appealing to customers.

Exploring deeper levels of this program allows for the ability to expand multiple datacenters directly from the data in your virtual centers and bring it all together on one simple playing field.

This product is a virtual appliance that is simply downloaded from the VMware website and installed in the existing infrastructure with no real installation required.

3. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of VMware’s new service is its ease of use. Not only does vCOPS make life much easier in terms of monitoring your virtual environment when moving to the cloud, it is also offers a free 60-day trial. It is a perfect solution for customers who don’t have a management solution or monitoring program in place and is sure to add significant value to your virtual environment.

Interested in the 60-day trial? We’re more than happy to further discuss the options with you. We’ll even come on site and install it for you! To continue the conversation about this value-added service and receive more information, contact a Mosaic representative today!