Dell recently held its first Storage Forum in Orlando, Florida the week of June 5th. I was in attendance, along with nearly 1,000 other end users and reseller partners. Dell unveiled a completely new storage portfolio – including the FS7500, a network attached storage gateway that front-ends EqualLogic iSCSI storage. This will give EqualLogic a competitive product within the network appliance devices.

Mosaic was on hand along with longtime customer Tecplot to deliver a case study entitled “Consolidation for Success: How Tecplot used Dell Blades, EqualLogic and VMWare to get control of their datacenter.” Pete Koehler, Senior Systems Administrator at Tecplot, first learned about EqualLogic at a 2008 Mosaic presentation. Mosaic provided a detailed infrastructure analysis and discussion about design and virtualization that eventually convinced Tecplot that VMWare, EqualLogic storage and Dell blades would provide a solid foundation and framework for growth. Since then, Mosaic has continued to provide Tecplot with consultation and advice, further developing our customer-reseller relationship.

Tecplot delivers visualization software for engineers and scientists to analyze, discover, and communicate results. They strive to provide high-quality engineering and scientific visualization tools and services to help companies be more creative, efficient, and productive. Tecplot provides design engineers with 3-D models, so that they can really visualize the flow of things. For example, Tecplot might create a 3-D model for airplane engineers, detailing the way that the air moves over the wing. Or in the automotive industry, a model might show how gas and air is injected into an engine cylinder.

Our initial consultation with Tecplot determined that they were in need of blade architecture, as well as EqualLogic Storage.  Tecplot needed to increase their storage needs at primary sites to accommodate growth and virtualize remaining file servers. They have since purchased two additional arrays to address their need for large capacity volumes and replication.

About four months after the initial virtualization project completed, in May of 2009, there was a fire at a neighboring building that caused one million dollars in building damage and permanently displaced eight businesses. All of a sudden, Tecplot’s single site organization was no longer sufficient – they needed to implement a Disaster Recovery strategy. Because the initial design provided for future expansion to a second site and DR, this new project dovetailed perfectly into the new infrastructure.  Tecplot had planned on having a CoLo facility eventually that would also serve other needs, and the fire provided the perfect timing. A new CoLo site was built in Seattle by leveraging the all inclusive Replication feature provided with the Dell EqualLogic storage.  

Koehler’s talk at the Dell Storage Forum was very successful – he was able to offer his own recommendations on EqualLogic Storage, Dell Blades and Disaster Recovery, while also speaking to the benefits of having Mosaic get them integrated and up and running. In the future, Tecplot plans to implement VDI, which will represent a cross section of roles including sales, marketing, development and operations. They also plan on continuing to build out their CoLo facility for computing services offsite, as well as for bi-directional replication.

We look forward to working with Tecplot through these upcoming projects. But even more so, at Mosaic, we love utilizing success stories like this one to show new customers how we can help them. Don’t wait – contact a Mosaic representative today to discuss your company’s needs further.