It was a busy second quarter for Mosaic. First off, we are pleased to announce that we have been recognized by Business NH Magazine as one of New Hampshire’s top 100 businesses. It is a recognition that serves as a fitting testimony to the talent and experience behind our entire Mosaic team.On that note, we are excited to share that we have added a prominent new member to that team; Pete Koehler. Pete has come aboard as a Senior Systems Engineer, who through his time in the industry has become quite adept in understanding an end-user’s goals and not stopping until they are met. Be sure to follow our blog as Pete joins with Tim to share some of their unique insights, and get a chance to catch up on anything you may have missed at recent virtualization events.In this quarter’s newsletter, we’ll share a little of what we’ve been focused on during the second quarter and give you a peek into what’s scheduled for Q3. As always, Mosaic is dedicated to building its solutions with best-of-breed products, allowing customers to stay up to date with the offerings from some of the biggest names in the industry. During the second quarter, Mosaic and 10Zig had successful deliveries to VMware and Citrix deployments. By partnering with 10ZiG, Mosaic has been able to offer our customers the best-advanced technology available, while always respecting their budget and time. Read more about our new solutions with 10ZiG below.

Throughout the second quarter, Mosaic has stayed up to date with emerging technology in the industry and began introducing VMware’s vCenter Operations Manager to our customers. We also recently completed a case study with the town of Hudson, NH, and are excited to show you how we provided unique solutions for the municipality. Both of which can also be read about below.

We look forward to seeing many of you at one of our upcoming events during the third quarter. Additionally, we just attended the annual Summer Slammer New England VMUG in Maine. Please stay tuned for highlights from this popular event.

Thank you for all of your support and watch for Mosaic news in the months to come!

– Tom Desmet, President and CEO


Linear Technology in Washington trusts Veeam’s Backup and Replication Software

“Linear Technology operates a manufacturing facility in Camas, Washington and maintains corporate headquarters in Milpitas, California. The manufacturing plant operates 24/7 in a nearly paperless “clean” environment. Like any modern manufacturing facility, most factory systems are automated. Thus, if systems go down or the IT infrastructure is compromised, manufacturing grinds to a halt.”

Click here to learn what Veeam’s Backup and Replication and Veeam ONE software has done for them…


Town of Hudson, NH Goes Virtual with Mosaic Technology
The economic climate in the United States also had a significant impact on local municipalities. The Town of Hudson had implemented a strict budget ahead of the downturn. For the past seven years, the town has not increased the budget. The IT director, Lisa Nute, had to work very hard to modernize the network and stay within the annual budget-even though the modern network meant future cost savings. This was not an easy feat.

Click here for the full case study, and learn how Mosaic helped the town of Hudson reach their goal…


Mosaic Moves to vSphere 5
The early months of 2012 kept us busy implementing vSphere 5 upgrades for many of our customers. This continued and late adoption of the newest version is not uncommon, as this is the way it tends to go with new releases. In many cases, any new version of software is not very popular until several months after it’s release.In contrary, there will always be a select group of IT professionals who want to have the latest and greatest versions of anything. Those on the fleeting edge will occasionally find bugs in the programs, or find that the new version just doesn’t interact the way the older version did. This creates a learning curve and an additional knowledge base for the early adopters. Typically within several months, the new version has had time to be flushed out and an improved solution is ready to be adopted.That is the wave that we find ourselves at. Everyone is ready to upgrade, and for good reason. When vSphere 5 was first released, Mosaic wasn’t pushing customers into an upgrade simply because we’re of the same mindset-“Let’s sit back for a while and let things stabilize.” Now, moving forward, performance has dramatically improved in version five. There are a lot of high-end features to vSphere 5, but it’s the basic features that will impact the everyday VMware admin-and those are the ones that will make the difference.Do you think it’s time to look at upgrading your vSphere environment to version five? Because we do. That’s why we’d like to fill you in on three key things to do ahead of an upgrade to be sure you’re optimizing your existing infrastructure as well. First, do an assessment of your environment-make sure it’s healthy and capable of handling an upgrade. Next, based on those results, optimize your environment as part of ongoing structural changes to make it more efficient along the way. Finally, check to make sure your environment is configured correctly.

Upgrading to vSphere 5 is a great starting point and foundation, especially if you plan to roll out VMware View or Business Continuity (Site Recovery Manager), or looking to extend out into the cloud. All of these things integrate with version five, so just making that first step puts you in a good position for future upgrades and enhancements to your virtual environment.

Does it sound like vSphere 5 could be right for you? We’re ready to come in and perform that assessment of your environment. We can take you through the upgrade and ensure that it’s both quick and painless. At Mosaic Technology, we’re here to make sure you’re getting the most out of your virtual environment.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling.


VMWare Partner Exchange – What happened in Vegas didn’t stay there
VMware’s annual partner exchange is something that we consider one of the industry’s annual guideposts, and 2012 marked one of the largest turnouts we’ve seen in recent years, with VMware estimating that there were more than 4,300 attendees. The VMware Partner Exchange brings the ecosystem together to share insights and learn about new technologies or strategies. The main takeaway this year was the fact that the move to a virtualized environment is continuing full steam ahead.

Click here to learn more about that environment, along with some of other un-kept secrets of our time in Vegas.


Mosaic Held an Exclusive Technology Event at LeMay America Car Museum
At the end of June, Mosaic Technology partnered with Dell, VMware, Silver Peak, Xsigo, Coraid, Veeam, and CSI Leasing for a complimentary technology event. Held at the LeMay- America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, WA, the event discussed how to transform your data center, allowing for greater flexibility and making your business more agile. With the recent spike in the adoption of virtual technologies, we believe the market is ready for the next-generation of virtual datacenters. This unique event gave exclusive access to the complete virtualization ecosystem.

Click here for a full recap of the event courtesy of Mosaic’s own Pete Koehler…


Virtualization Leaders joined Mosaic at the Portland Art Museum for our Cloud and Culture Technology Summit
Who says art can’t inspire technology? On Thursday, April 26th, Mosaic Technology hosted a Cloud and Culture Technology Summit at the Portland Art Museum in Portland, OR. We brought together the leaders in virtualization to showcase how to successfully deploy and manage a virtual environment.All attendees’ questions on the cloud were answered. From learning what the cloud could do for them, what was required to build their own private cloud, tips on maintaining their environment, to the latest best practices of optimizing the cloud.Industry experts from 10ZiG, Dell, EasyStreet, ESET, Fortinet, Microsoft, SilverPeak, Veeam, and VMware were able to share their insights on these topics and more.The fun didn’t end there. Afterwards we hosted a networking reception with prize giveaways at our cocktail reception, evoking some lively conversation… Just a little incentive for you to join us at our next event in your area!


Mosaic’s F2F event in Oregon: Taking Control of Network Security In a Web-Centric World
In a world where so much data has migrated to web-centric environments, it’s more important than ever to increase the visibility into those protocols. Managing at a granular level allows employees access to the tools they need to be most effective while still protecting important employer data and resources. Mosaic’s presentation at F2F reviewed how next-generation firewalls enable users to gain detailed control over allowed communications, while preventing malicious communications from occuring.Don’t miss out on opportunities such as this F2F to hear from leaders on how to harness a virtual architecture for your business by registering with Mosaic. This year’s exhibition also featured an interactive lab to explore the security measures needed in today’s environment.


Partner Spotlight: 10ZiG
Mosaic is a leading provider of virtual desktop and management solutions. We are a trusted partner to businesses across the United States delivering end-to-end solutions that meet today’s business challenges. We have expanded our product line to provide the best virtualization performance options by adding new solutions from 10Zig. Mosaic and 10ZiG Technology have had great success with 10ZiG’s 8848 Line of Zero Clients for VMware and Citrix.This technology is an extremely small form factor, yet these robust units provide full support for VMware PCoIP and Citrix HDX Protocols. By using the 8848 Series, a user receives high performance for today, while offering flexibility for tomorrow. Switch from Citrix to VMware (XenDesktop, XenApp, or VDI-in-a-Box) and back again without being forced into a premature hardware refresh faced by many “zero clients” in today’s marketplace. Coupled with 10ZiG’s FREE Enterprise Class Management Utility, the combination of 10ZiG and Mosaic Technology was an easy decision for many this past quarter.