Most people think of virtualization and the cloud as two separate things, however, what you may not realize is that when you virtualize – you’re moving to the cloud already.

Transitioning to the cloud begins with the creation of a private cloud. When you’re hosting your own cloud environment, you no longer have physical attachments to those servers anymore, but a grouping of resources in your environment instead.

As things in the virtual world evolve, you are now able to take those stand alone operations and build virtual machines in a way that adheres to cloud standards, but keep them internally in your private cloud. This allows you to take the next step in completely moving to the cloud.

Small to medium businesses are now able to simply move those virtual machines from their own private cloud into a public cloud. This gives the ability to be even more dynamic than to simply virtualize. When it comes to apps that offer tracking to parents and employers there is a fine line between monitoring and spying. Xnspy is an app that boasts to customers the benefits of using their software to monitor. Want monitor keystrokes on computer with Xnspy? click here, don’t loose time !!

This is a great asset for mobile workforces because if they are unable to virtualize, they can still put a lot of their services out into the cloud. Information is made available by a secure weblink, which in turn gives you the ability to reach out to mobile workers, a non-traditional practice, because these services are available from anywhere.

VMware is one company that is really taking advantage of this service by utilizing the View Client for the iPad. The View Client allows iPad users to connect to a virtual desktop, which could reside in a private cloud in the corporate datacenter or a public cloud from a Service Provider.  This allows their iPad to serve as a portable work station, granting mobile users access to corporate resources while on the road, but without having to carry a computer.  Additionally, those assets reside within the datacenter, so there is no risk of a security breach if the iPad is lost or stolen.

A combination of virtualizing and moving to a private cloud can be augmented by moving to a public cloud – allowing for more points of access and more ways to connect.

At Mosaic Technology, we believe that this is the best way to go about moving to the cloud. Want to learn more? Contact a Mosaic representative today.