Global business initiative lets asset managers recover IT investments for surplus hardware

Salem NH, June 1, 2009,[Mosaic Technology] of Salem NH launched a new Asset Cost Recovery Program that lets asset managers get the best return on their surplus data and communication products. The Asset Cost Recovery program is a comprehensive six-point plan. Equipment is initially assessed and a price range established. The market is evaluated and the most effective sales channel selected. The assets are removed to secure storage and technically assessed by engineers. The equipment is refurbished electronically and cosmetically, as appropriate. Asset lots are created and sold worldwide through multiple channels. If items do not sell, they are disposed of at no cost to the owner.

“We have a good process for those who want to maximize their return on surplus assets,” said Tom Desmet, Mosaic president and CEO. “Our value is based on two aspects of our business; first is Mosaic’s strength and ability to sell used IT equipment worldwide – that means we always have demand for product, which translates into increased value for our customers.”

“The second aspect is that a substantial portion of Mosaic’s sales are to end-users. This means that our cost recovery clients receive a return far greater than with traditional brokers or B2B exchanges.”

Newly appointed Director of Business Development, Greg King is spearheading the asset management effort for Mosaic. He is opening new channels worldwide with manufacturers and distributors to help them recover investments from their IT and telecommunications product over-runs, line pulls, returns, stock rotations, and mothballed computing or switching networks.

“Our customers tell us that because Mosaic can play many roles in the investment recovery process, we’re of considerable benefit to their bottom line,” King said. “We’re not in business to replace an owner’s existing vendor, but rather to be their alternate solution provider.”

“Mosaic is revolutionizing the idea of Asset Management for computer and telecommunication hardware,” King explained, “It’s a very exciting program model. Companies have made large outlays in IT equipment that is outdated very quickly. Investors want to see their companies get the highest return possible on those aging assets,” King concluded.

The Mosaic Asset Cost Recovery program offers a range of financial services including financing of purchases, equipment leasing packages, purchase/leaseback plans, depreciation analysis and valuation trending.