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The Sun Enterprise 4500 consists of a chassis that support up to eight system boards, four power supplies and a maximum of four disk boards. The Enterprise 4500 requires a minimum of one I/O board and accepts a maximum of seven CPU boards. All components are hot-swappable. The SUN Enterprise 4500 can be installed as a desktop system or rack-mounted.

Configuration Size: Small
Part Number: E4503-S

Specifications: E4503 w/ 4 x 464MHz/8Mb (X2590A), 2 x X2602A, 2 x X2612A, 4 x X7023A, 3 x X954A, DVD10.

Configuration Size: Medium
Part Number: E4503-M

Specifications: E4503 w/ 8 x 464MHz/8Mb (X2590A), 4 x X2602A, 2 x X2612A, 8 x X7023A, 4 x X954A, DVD10.

Configuration Size: Large
Part Number: E4503-L

Specifications: E4503 w/ 12 x 464MHz/8Mb (X2590A), 6 x X2602A, 2 x X2612A, 12 x X7023A, 4 x X954A, DVD10.

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