VMware InfrastructureTransform IT Infrastructure with Enterprise-Class Virtualization

Start creating a self-optimizing IT infrastructure today with the most widely deployed virtual infrastructure suite. VMware Infrastructure 3, the InfoWorld 2007 Technology of the Year, virtualizes servers, storage and networks, to transform IT infrastructure into an automated, always-on computer “utility plant.” More than 100,000 companies of all sizes have been able to slash the costs of IT infrastructure while streamlining the management of IT environments, and delivering better services levels to the business.

VMware Infrastructure Product Brochure

Build a Dynamic Self-Optimizing Datacenter

Build your virtual datacenter with the product suite that delivers you a choice of best-in-class hypervisors along with a comprehensive set of management and automation capabilities that increase IT efficiency, availability and management.

Improve Application Availability and Business Continuity with Your Choice of Bare-Metal Hypervisors

Increase application availability and business continuity independent of hardware and operating systems with the industry’s most stable bare-metal hypervisors. Choose VMware ESX for integrated management functions and service console or VMware ESXi for the smallest hypervisor footprint and OC-independence. Either way, you eliminate planned downtime for server and storage maintenance with live migration of virtual machines across physical servers and storage arrays. Once you’ve built your virtual datacenter, create, automate, and test your entire disaster recovery process with VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Minimize Your Total Cost of Infrastructure Ownership

  • Increase hardware utilization and reduce hardware requirements with server consolidation ratios commonly exceeding ten virtual machines per physical processor.
  • Reduce required datacenter square footage, rack space, power, cooling, cabling, storage and network components by reducing the sheer number of physical machines.

Streamline IT Infrastructure Management

  • Streamline the execution of IT management processes such as provisioning, capacity management, availability management, continuity management and service level management.
  • Eliminate cumbersome software installations and configurations with virtual appliances.
  • Decrease IT labor costs and refocus IT teams on value added, strategic tasks.

Provide Mainframe Class Availability and Reliability

  • Improve application availability and business continuity independent of hardware and operating systems.
  • Eliminate planned downtime for server and storage maintenance with live migration of virtual machines across physical servers and storage array.
  • Improve Recovery Time Objective and Recovery Point Objective in case of an entire site outage

What are the Benefits of VMware Infrastructure?

VMware Infrastructure uses virtualization technology to deliver transformative capital and operating cost savings as well as increased operational efficiency, flexibility and IT service levels.

VMware Infrastructure delivers measurable savings in both capital and operating costs:

  • Increases hardware utilization and reduces hardware requirements with server consolidation ratios commonly exceeding ten virtual machines per physical processor.
  • Reduces the cost of rack space and power proportionate to the consolidation ratio achieved.
  • Decreases labor cost by simplifying and automating labor and resource intensive IT operations across disparate hardware, operating system and software application environments.

VMware Infrastructure improves responsiveness, serviceability, availability and flexibility of IT infrastructure:

  • Enables broad-based, cost-effective application availability and business continuity, independent of hardware and operating systems.
  • Enables continuous uptime and non-disruptive maintenance of IT environments with live migration of entire running systems.
  • Eliminates the need for cumbersome software installation and configuration with virtual appliances.
  • Accelerates application development and deployment lifecycles.
  • Improves responsiveness to business needs with instant provisioning and dynamic optimization of application environments.
  • Allows legacy systems to co-exist with new environments.

How Does VMware Infrastructure Work?

VMware Infrastructure virtualizes and aggregates industry standard servers and their attached network and storage into unified resource pools. Complete environments, including operating systems and applications, are encapsulated in virtual machines that are independent from the hardware. A set of virtualization-based distributed infrastructure services for virtual machines bring breakthrough levels of flexibility, serviceability and efficiency to IT environments:

  • Central management and monitoring of virtual machines automate and simplify provisioning.
  • Distributed resource optimization dynamically and intelligently allocates the available resources among virtual machines, resulting in significantly higher hardware utilization and better alignment of IT resources with business priorities.
  • Easy-to-use high-availability provides better service levels to applications at lower cost than static, physical infrastructure.
  • Live migration capabilities allow maintenance of underlying server and storage hardware without disruption to application users.
  • Centralized patch management for physical host servers and guest operating systems keeps the infrastructure secure and compliant.
  • ware Infrastructure is not tied to any operating system, giving customers a bias-free choice of operating system and software applications. VMware Infrastructure scales to support IT environments of any size.

What’s Included in VMware Infrastructure?

  • VMware ESX
  • VMware VMFS
  • VMware Virtual SMP technology
  • VMware VirtualCenter
  • VMware DRS
  • VMware VMotion
  • VMware Storage VMotion
  • VMware HA
  • VMware Update Manager
  • VMware Consolidated Backup
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