The Used Sun Microsystems Netra 120 server is a high-density, rack-optimized thin server designed with ruggedized packaging for environments where service availability is critical. Featuring NEBS Level 3 certification, a 650-MHz UltraSPARC IIi processor, 512 KB of Level 2 cache, up to 4 GB of memory, and up to two 36-GB hard drives, the Netra 120 server is a complete, easily-managed system that utilizes the robust SPARC/Solaris architecture.

With SCSI, PCI, and network connectivity packaged into a 1U form factor, the Netra 120 server provides rack-optimized features such as Lights Out Management (LOM) software, front-and-back LEDs, and hot-swappable hard drives for easy administration. When facing issues such as maintaining service availability and staying within budget, while keeping an eye on the future, consider the Netra 120 server.

Configuration Size: Small
Part Number: N25DUTA1-A1-512HA

Specifications: Netra 120 Server,1 650-MHz UltraSPARC IIi Processor w/512-KB External Cache,512-MB Memory,1 73-GB 10000 UltraSCSI Disk,2 10/100 Ethernet & USB Ports,UltraSCSI Port,Removable System Config Card,19-in Rackmount Kit,Solaris 8 & Java System Web Server, DC Power Supply.

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