The Data Domain Gateway Series extends the benefits of Data Domain deduplication technology to third party external storage systems. The Gateway Series transforms third party Fibre Channel attached disk arrays into highly cost-effective, efficient and reliable nearline storage systems.

Domain Gateway Datasheet

Key features include:

  • Massive Data Reduction: Driven by Data Domain’s fast, inline deduplication technology, Global Compression, the Gateway Series offers an average 20x data reduction for backup images, enabling cost-efficient, long-term retention.
  • Fully Compatible with All Leading Enterprise Backup and Archiving Software: All Data Domain systems, including the Gateway Series are designed to easily integrate into the existing infrastructure — either as a file server or virtual tape library (VTL) — supporting all leading backup software.
  • Supports Leading External Storage Systems: The Gateway Series supports SAN-attached and direct attached connectivity with storage systems from several leading enterprise storage providers.
  • High Throughput and Extended Retention: The Gateway Series delivers up to 800 GB/hr of throughput, exceeding LTO-4 performance, and offers data protection capacities up to 1.25 PB per gateway enabling months of online retention ensuring fast and reliable data recoveries from disk.
  • Local and Remote Site Data Protection: The Data Domain Replicator software option enables Data Domain systems to function as a highly efficient WAN vaulting solution for disaster recovery (DR), remote office data protection and multi-site tape consolidation.
  • Ultimate Data Integrity: Data Domain’s Data Invulnerability Architecture provides the best defense against data integrity issues to continuously verify, detect and protect against data recoverability issues throughout the life cycle of the data.

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