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What do we do?At Mosaic we do anything we can to help the sales organization & our customer base. On any given day this can include designing a solution, helping with solutions assurance, presenting at an event, running a demo, providing implementation services, supporting existing installs, or one of a million other things; and that’s the way we like it! No two days are ever the same and if they were we’d get bored and find something else to do.

The Mosaic SEs are the people that are ultimately responsible for assisting our customers with matching their business requirements to appropriate solutions to their problems. As a VAR we have dozens of vendors that want to work with us and it’s our job to help weed out the technology that can help our customers from the stuff that’s just taking up time & resources. You can be assured that by the time we’re talking with you about a technology, we’ve already qualified the solution, tested it in our labs, agreed that there are a set of business problems that the technology can solve, developed relationships with the vendor SEs and done lots of other behind the scenes work to make sure we’re providing a solid solution. It’s not your typical – see the product, sell the product approach of many vendors.

And after we’ve put together a solution and you’ve decided to move forward with us, we’ll be there to assist with your implementation in whichever way you choose. We’ll come in for a day and do a jumpstart, assist with project management during complex projects or do a soup-to-nuts installation & migration; again all based on your requirements.

What’s our biggest challenge? Keeping up with EVERYTHING that’s happening in the IT world. That’s why we limit our focus to Virtualization & Storage. Trying to stay up to speed on everything happening in Security, Networking, Collaboration, etc is impossible so we focus on what we know and do best and we rely on our strong partnerships for the other pieces.

The best part of our job is helping our customers and a big piece of this is not re-inventing the wheel. As you all know, a lot of times we’ll tell you about Customer A who was implementing a particular solution to solve a business problem that they may be similar to yours. One of our major goals for this blog is to spread those messages further so you’ll be reading about a LOT of different customer situations and how they went about solving their problems. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful and please let us know what we’re doing well and what you’d like to see different!


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