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Data Domain Replicator software provides network-efficient, automated, ultra-safe replication for disaster recovery (DR), remote office data protection and multi-site tape consolidation. Data Domain Replicator software vaults or asynchronously replicates only the compressed, deduplicated data over the wide area network (WAN), making WAN vaulting economically and operationally feasible.

Replicator Datasheet

Key features include:

  • Up to 99% Network Bandwidth Reduction: For replication, Data Domain’s Global Compression™ becomes more effective by first deduplicating and compressing data at the originating Data Domain system and then employing the techniques again on the destination system.
  • Secure, Simple and Integrated: Replicator software enables automated offsite replication by easily integrating with the existing network and backup infrastructure. WAN vaulting eliminates the security risks associated with human intervention and physical tape transportation.
  • Fast Online Data Recovery: Data Domain systems provide high capacity and network-based DR, making it possible to recover online data from either location.
  • Remote Office Data Protection: Replicator software enables geographically distributed branch offices to vault selected data to a central hub or data center for enterprise-wide site recovery.
  • Tape Consolidation: Replicator software eliminates the need for tape backup at each remote office and enables organizations to consolidate tape infrastructure at a central hub with experienced IT staff.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: To meet a broad scope of data protection needs, Replicator software allows enterprises to deploy different topologies, such as one-to-one mirroring, bi-directional vaulting and many-to-one remote site vaulting.

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