Dell EqualLogic PS5000E

Dell EqualLogic PS5000E

The extensive Dell EqualLogic PS Series portfolio delivers solutions to meet nearly every need, and the PS5000E line covers a wide range of them due to its cost-effective capacity, huge scalability and optimal performance for common business applications.

Whether you are looking for a storage solution that solves tactical problems and can easily scale to meet your strategic goals, or you know you require more than one hundred terabytes from the start, the PS5000E line’s modular scalability can assure you a SAN to fit your needs.

The PS5000E line spans from 2 to 16 TB in capacity in a single array, utilizing SATA drives ranging from 250GB to 1TB. It is built from fully redundant, hot-swappable enterprise hardware. For applications that don’t demand mission-critical redundancy, there are single controller configurations of the PS5000E that make it even more cost-effective.

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