Dell PowerEdge M600 blade server

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The Dell PowerEdge M600 blade server, featuring the latest Intel Xeon Quad-Core processors, simplifies IT by improving application performance, lowering security risks, and easing operational complexity. Dell PowerEdge blades address datacenter server sprawl and complexity by delivering one of the most energy efficient, flexible, and manageable blade servers on the market.

Streamlined Virtualization
Dell’s most energy efficient Blade solution, the PowerEdge M600 offers outstanding virtualization performance in a 2-socket blade server combined with optional, factory integrated virtualization capabilities. Dell continues to simplify virtualization by streamlining virtualization deployment and providing ease of use in virtual infrastructures. By factory integrating VMware ESXi 3.5, customers receive VMware capabilities and migration of virtual machines within a few clicks of a mouse.

Virtualization-ready server configurations provide an easy path to virtualization through factory-integrated hypervisors and recommended hardware configurations that support an ideal virtual infrastructure.

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