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Data Domain DDX ArrayThe Data Domain DDX Array is the industry’s first data center scale deduplication storage array with high throughput, capacity and scalability to meet the growing demands of data centers with large nearline storage requirements and/or multiple remote site protection requirements.

DDX Array Datasheet

Key features include:

  • Modular Scalability: The DDX Array Series is available in 4, 8 and 16 controller configurations, uses integrated or third party external storage, and is designed to provide nearline storage for data centers with at least 20 TB of application data.
  • Massive Data Reduction: Driven by Data Domain’s fast, inline deduplication technology, Global Compression™, DDX array configurations significantly reduce physical storage required for long-term retention and are available for less than $0.35 per GB.
  • High Throughput and Extended Retention: A 16-controller DDX array provides up to 12.8 TB per hour throughput and delivers over 20 petabytes of capacity depending on backup policy and data change rate. This provides up to 18 months of online retention, ensuring fast and reliable data recoveries from disk.
  • Green: The DDX Array Series with integrated internal storage uses as little as 1.1 watts per TB of power and as little as 9U of 19″ rack space per petabyte, significantly lowering power, cooling and floor tile requirements in the data center.
  • Simplified Data Center Management: The Data Domain Enterprise Manager provides monitoring of the controllers in a DDX array with a simple, browser-based graphical user interface (GUI).
  • Flexible DR Configuration: The DDX Series complements all Data Domain appliances as a hub for efficiently vaulting data from up to 320 remote sites for DR, tape consolidation and longer term retention.
  • Ultimate Data Integrity: Data Domain’s Data Invulnerability Architecture provides the best defense against data integrity issues to continuously verify, detect and protect against data recoverability issues throughout the life cycle of the data.
  • Fully Compatible with All Leading Enterprise Backup and Archiving Software: Like all Data Domain deduplication storage systems, the DDX Series is qualified with all leading backup and archiving software and easily integrates into the existing environment using NAS and/or Virtual Tape interfaces without any infrastructure changes.

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