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Winchester Systems FlashDisk SATA SX-3400FlashDisk SX-3400 Series disk arrays provide high capacity SATA storage solutions in an expandable architecture that provides 80 TB of high performance coupled with extraordinary RAID 6 data protection at low cost.

The base unit contains single or dual redundant controllers and supports up to 4 expansion shelves and up to 80 total enterprise class SATA II disks with up to 1 TB capacity, for the most storage intensive applications including backup, snapshot, archive, disaster recovery, virtual tape library, data acquisition, imaging, video and audio.

FlashDisk SX-3400 also delivers 1,052 MB per second sustained throughput and 117,000 disk IO operations per second – while maintaining mirrored cache for controller failover.

The FlashDisk SX-3400 Series also provides a unique “SAN-in-a-Box” design so you can directly attach up to 8 Fibre Channel hosts without costly Fibre Channel switches, redundant HBAs or host-based failover software.

SX-3400 Datasheet

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