Sun Fire 12K

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The Used Sun Fire 12K server is a high-end data center server that lets customers reduce acquisition and ongoing operating costs through more precise hardware selection. Supporting up to 52 UltraSPARC III Cu 1.2-GHz processors and 288 GB of memory per domain, the Sun Fire 12K server is a strong choice for customers needing more power than is provided by the Sun Fire 6800 server but not requiring the massive system capacity of the Sun Fire 15K server. An ideal platform for server consolidation, mainframe rehosting, high-end technical computing, and data-intensive applications, the Sun Fire 12K server enables customers to deliver large-scale, mission-critical services at lower costs than competing solutions. To support future growth, the Sun Fire 12K server also provides a smooth upgrade path to the Sun Fire 15K server without disrupting service.

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