Sun Fire E20K

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The Sun Fire E20K server is a high-performance, high-end data center server scaling up to 36 UltraSPARC IV processors with chip multithreading technology executing 72 simultaneous computing threads. This rock-solid server is ideal for mainframe migration, consolidation, high-performance technical computing and other mission-critical applications. High availability is delivered with Full Hardware Redundancy, fault-isolated Dynamic System Domains, and Dynamic Reconfiguration for hot swapping key server components while applications are up and running, for higher availability. Investments are protected with the ability to mix and manage UltraSPARC IV and UltraSPARC III processors – running at their rated speed – in the same system.

It is also hot-upgradeable to the Sun Fire E25K server for a seamless upgrade path with no disruption to service.

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