VMworld 2008One of the new features that VMware is touting for their new Datacenter Operating System is the ability to package VMs into a vApp.  In a nutshell, if you have a group of VMs that are working in conjunction to support an application platform, such as RubyOnRails, Python, .NET, or other closely integrated VMs to support a single application, you can package them all into a “vApp”.  This vApp can be defined by SLAs, resource pool requirements, or other business rules, and be monitored by vCenter’s upcoming AppSpeed module.  Once this vApp package has been defined, it can then be shared or bundled in a way to be run on an external computing cloud, or vCloud.  There are several third party resources available to host customer vApps, enabling the virtual datacenter to move outside of the confines of physical datacenter.

This concept was shown to the audience at the keynote this morning as a live demo.  Despite the common pitfalls of all live demos, it performed flawlessly.  A vApp packaged and running in a virtual center was stressed, and based on performance SLAs, a replica vApp was pushed out to a service provider vCloud, and run in parallel to balance the load and satisfy the SLA.


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