VMWorld 2008

VMworldOnly a week before the opening of VMWorld 2008, and there has been another shake-up at the top of VMware.

According to virtualization.info, Mendel Rosenblum, VMware’s co-founder and chief scientist has resigned.This comes only a month after his wife Diane Green, former CIO and co-founder was removed from the Board of Directors in July.  Additionally, we saw that Richard Sarwal, the Executive VP for R&D left to head back to Oracle.

With this announcement coming so close to the opening of the conference, it will be interesting to see what sort of spin will be put on these departures.  Do I think that VMware is headed for trouble?  Absolutely not.  VMware has a very strong product, and is an innovative leader in the field of virtualization.  However, those of us who have dealt with them over the years have noticed that they have some growing pains, especially relating to corporate organization.  I think that changes at the top may mean that we see the emergence of a leaner, more efficient organization.  With Hyper-V now on the market and charging hard, it may be the best time to get into fighting shape.


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