As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This is especially true when it comes to enterprise security. Fortunately, Mosaic Technology has the cure – and it comes in the form of virtual desktop infrastructure.

It is no secret that there are a lot of concerns surrounding enterprise security – malware infections and data leaks to only name a few. With the emergence of tablets and smartphones, PCs and laptops are becoming a thing of the past – and this creates a whole new set of problems for security and risk professionals to tackle. In such a hectic environment, it can be tough to maintain employee innovation as well as flexibility.  

By deploying VDI, many of these concerns are laid to rest. The information is stored in the data center and not the end-user device. This way, if the computer is lost or stolen, your business data is not. Also with VDI, you are able to take back control of who can access your company’s information. IT organizations are able to set controls on what information can be downloaded, copied to an external hard drive and what can be shared. It’s too bad the US government didn’t use VDI – Wikileaks could have been prevented all together.

A virtual desktop infrastructure also allows you to control how the user works with their device. Accessibility of social media plug-ins and third-party application downloads are yours to control. VDI allows you to add an extra layer of security with the “hypervisor layer” – the intelligence that monitors and prevents hackers and other security risks. In the event that a virus does occur, you can launch virus removal and protection tools from the data center that immediately updates the security measures on all users’ desktops. Without VDI, it would take hours to physically install the virus updates on everyone’s device individually.

VDI is also able to protect employees from identity theft. With advanced security protection in the datacenter, you can monitor and prevent malware that tracks keystrokes or steals information unknown to the user.

For all solutions for your tablets, laptops and PCs, choose Mosaic Technology – they keep your business moving with connectivity anywhere business happens. Interested in learning more about how VDI can keep your business safe and secure? Click here to continue the conversation with a Mosaic expert today.