Almost three weeks ago now, the VMware User Group hosted their annual New England Fall VMUG at the Atkinson Country Club in Atkinson, NH. Though there was lighter attendance than usual this year – the fall foliage was plentiful and the latest technologies abundant. Mosaic partnered with Nasuni, hosting three informational breakout sessions that focused on the latest in cloud storage.

The day kicked off with keynote sessions recapping some of the information that was unveiled at VMworld.  Though most of it was pretty generic – VMUG user group meetings are the best place for people who couldn’t attend VMworld to get the information.

Our breakout sessions with Nasuni were very well attended. We get excited to tell people about what we’re doing with Nasuni because it’s a bit different than what everyone else is doing these days in terms of cloud storage. Nasuni’s approach is truly unique. Attendees were very interested in learning more about the Nasuni Filer and had some questions regarding security. Here are some of the topics that we discussed in case you missed it:

Nasuni now offers the ability to have multiple sites targeting the cloud data. If you update a file locally on your Nasuni NAS appliance – those changes are sent up into the cloud within 60 seconds and changes are immediately pushed out to any other site connected to the same cloud storage. With this ability, you can now literally share files with anyone in the country within a minute. This is a very valuable asset for remote offices or branches and even more importantly, for disaster recovery. Imagine all of your file shares and all of your data being available anywhere.  All of your data remains local to your datacenter, on the Nasuni NAS appliance and it is fully accessible, even if you lose your Internet connection. The Nasuni NAS appliance also sends a copy of your data up into the cloud – from a disaster protection side, this is incredibly useful because that data is immediately available elsewhere.  By keeping data local as well as in the cloud, there is a lot of protection built into the Nasuni solution. It can truly change your approach to disaster recovery.

We also explained to the attendees of our breakout sessions how the Nasuni NAS appliance makes these changes and backs up all of your data so efficiently. Basically, when you start populating the Nasuni appliance with data, it is then deduplicated, compressed and encrypted – and sent up into the cloud. The 256 bit encryption is done using you own keys.  You may keep those keys yourself, or Nasuni can hold the keys in escrow for you.  If you have a large initial load of data to the NAS appliance, Nasuni additionally offers a service that allows you to put all of your data on a server, and then they will load it and send it into the cloud for you – so you don’t have to do any of the work yourself. Because the data is deduplicated and compressed, it is much smaller when it goes up into the cloud – so the whole process doesn’t take too long. Once the data hits the cloud, the metadata associated with any changed file is pushed to other sites, making the new file immediately available.  If there are any unique bits that are part of the file, those are downloaded while the entire file is recreated locally at the partner site.

Mosaic is a trusted partner to businesses across the United States, delivering end-to-end solutions that meet today’s business challenges. Nasuni has one of the best cloud storage offerings available and is truly an industry leader. We are proud to work with leaders like Nasuni as they help our customers deliver the future today.

Does the Nasuni Filer sound like it could be of interest to you? Contact a Mosaic representative today – we’re ready and waiting to continue the conversation.