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New, Refurbished, and End-of-Life Servers, storage & networking

There are countless reasons for a company to keep their older systems: budget cuts, general cost savings, and user familiarity to name a few. Our Legacy support program offers you a variety of ways to keep your EoL or Legacy systems up and running. When using n-1 or n-2 technology, we can help you keep your systems up to date by offering additional CPUs, memory, or storage. EoL upgrades are a great way to obtain significant savings and allow your existing systems to match the processing power and speed of newer systems. Our multi-million-dollar inventory of EoL components, upgrades, and systems allows you to always keep your EoL systems up and running. Our extensive array of parts can make that outdated, hard to find component readily available to you.

Mosaic technology expertise



  • Enterprise Servers, Storage and
    Networking Options

  • Sun & Oracle

  • StorageTek

  • HPE

  • NetApp

  • Dell/EMC

  • Cisco

  • Brocade/Juniper/Extreme

  • Custom Configuration and Testing

  • Parts and Systems Testing

  • Drop Shipping and Warehousing/Logistics Services

  • Asset Recovery

  • Maintenance

  • Data Sanitization

  • Professional packing and shipping

While others have downsized/outsourced their quality, testing, and logistic capabilities, Mosaic has maintained and increased its efforts and budgets to maintain our Tier 1 account relationships.

Experienced, Certified Technicians

When you buy from Mosaic you buy from a wealth of extensive knowledge, resources, and services. Our technicians test and evaluate each component as it comes into our facility, and then once more before we ship it to you. Diagnostic tools for equipment maintenance, repairs, data sanitization, and custom configurations allow us to ensure quality and reliability. Mosaic is constantly working to expand upon its massive inventory of used and refurbished servers, storage systems, and spare equipment from leading manufacturers such as HPE, IBM, Cisco, Oracle/Sun, Dell/EMC, NetApp, Brocade, StorageTek, Juniper and many others.

Data Sanitization - Certified to US DoD 5220.22-M Standards with R2 Certified Disposal if Required

Mosaic's data sanitization program provides complete and certified data destruction for all formats of hard drive. It can include "white glove" chain of custody transfer of confidential drives to our secure data sanitization facility. Mosaic's protocol erases to DoD 5220.22-M specifications, and it can also include physical, environmentally conscious, R2 complaint Certified destruction of the drive itself when needed.

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