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Third Party MAINTENANCE & Managed Services

Mosaic Technology offers maintenance and support compatible to the manufacturer. From help desk and telephone support to onsite techs with a variety of SLA options, Mosaic has you covered. We can assist with renewals for HPE, Dell, EMC, Cisco, Juniper, Compaq, DEC, F5 and more—and offer you multiple cost-saving options on your equipment.

Mosaic will even offer support on Legacy or EOL equipment that manufacturers will no longer cover. We are well aware that in many cases your EOL systems are still working fine for you, and an end to manufacture support should never force you to move on from your investment.

For networking equipment, we offer support compatible to Cisco and Juniper, providing patches and updates to mirror exactly how they would support you but at a lower cost.
Mosaic will cover it all: spares, help desk, replacement units and onsite techs when that level of service is required. Most importantly, we are very flexible when it comes to meeting your needs, and will even cover equipment at multiple locations all under the same contract. We have been at it for years and have the knowledge to ensure your equipment is receiving the right level of support with the right level of expertise.



Mosaic Technology can help you maximize your IT dollars by lowering hardware acquisition costs, simplifying infrastructures, and providing revenue in return for unutilized or retired equipment. Our Asset Recovery Program gives you an objective market-value measure of your existing servers, storage, and networking. It also supports you throughout the product life cycle of your infrastructure components. Our program can help you:

  • Reduce acquisition and operating costs

  • Get market value for your excess or retired equipment with our buyback program

  • Acquire new or recent technologies

  • Extend the life of your IT components with our legacy support program

  • Dispose of obsolete or retired equipment

Buy Back Program

With Mosaic's Buy Back Program, you immediately recover a portion of sunk IT costs in manufacturing overproduction, distributor returns, or retired corporate equipment by converting them back into working capital. You can use "Buy Back" in all phases of asset disposal and investment recovery - regardless of quantity or location of the assets. We can then leverage our infrastructure to remarket your retired IT inventories through our global reseller network.


Mosaic Technology's data sanitization program provides complete and certified data destruction for all formats of hard drive. this can include "white glove" chain of custody transfer of confidential drives to our secure data sanitization facility. Mosaic's protocol erases to DoD 5220.22-M specifications, and it can also include physical, environmentally conscious, e-Steward/R2 Certified destruction of the drive itself when needed. Mosaic will offer a certificate of destruction upon completion.

Mosaic Technology's service offerings do not stop there. Feel free to reach out directly to learn how Mosaic can help you fulfill your IT needs, and be sure to check back for updates and case studies.

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